OnePlus 5 receives a new update to correct errors

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OnePlus 5 receives a new update to correct errors. We have been talking about the OnePlus 3 and 3T for some weeks. Two devices launched in 2016 that continue to have very good support from the company. The updates OnePlus 5 are a little stops, although we know that OnePlus is already working on Android 8.0 Oreo for this device. Before launching this version officially you have to correct some things. And this is exactly what makes the update that is being deployed for a few hours. Users of a OnePlus 5 can be happy, as some major errors in the system are already being corrected. 


OnePlus 5 receives a new update
OnePlus 5 receives a new update


Each software update fixes some bugs, but usually always creates some bugs. This is what happened with the previous official update of OxygenOS. Now the company has already deployed a new OTA for the OnePlus 5. Where some important flaws are solved. But not only this, but also adds news in the notifications and improvements in the fluidity of the system.



OnePlus 5 receives a new update and we will leave us with a more fluid and fast device


Before naming the errors that have been solved with this update we have to say that the system sees improvements in general. The customization layer has been retouched to have more fluidity and a greater speed, something very remarkable in the OnePlus 5. Now the device will be even faster, besides being able to configure to our taste notification tones. Although it seems basic, this we could not do until the arrival of this update. Something that many users were reporting for weeks.



One of the most important glitches that have been corrected is the poor synchronization of some YouTube videos. Thousands of users have reported that in some cases  the audio is out of phase with the video. Something very annoying that already seems to be solved. This is the most important bug that has been corrected. Since the rest are additions that the company has implemented.

With this OTA it improves the use of the automatic brightness for the screen. Being now smarter and regulating much faster. If you have not used this mode until now, it may be that after upgrading it is a good option to start testing it.


Finally, the OnePlus 5 already has support for 4G + in all available countries. Some markets could not access this connection protocol. Which now seems to be working correctly in all parts of the planet.


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