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New full display on “town”: Oukitel K5000

5000mAh battery with 5.7 inch 18:9 full display

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While the smartphone hot season is coming, OUKITEL released several devices to meet needs for different users. To celebrate Chinese Mid-autum Festival and Chinese National holiday. OUKITEL is releasing a new device named Oukitel K5000 which belongs to the “K” family.

Oukitel K5000
Oukitel K5000


As the name it suggests, K5000 will feature 5000mAh SCUD high-density battery. Which can be expected to support 3 days normal use. As a “K” brother, K5000 will pack a 9V/2A quick charger to save more charging time. 

Oukitel K5000

OUKITEL K5000 will get a beautiful double curved display with front screen 2.5D curved and battery cover 3D curved. Front screen features a 5.7 inch HD+ display with 720×1440 resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio with 90% usable screen. The back cover adopts PMMC material, offering soft and gentle touch feeling.

Oukitel K5000

Except large battery and 5.7 inch 18:9 full screen. OUKITEL K5000 gets another extraordinary surprise-great cameras. K5000 will carry Sony IMX135 sensor for the 16MP rear camera and Samsung 3P3 sensor for the 21MP front camera.

Oukitel K5000

Oukitel K5000 is planned to go to market by end of October

K5000 is planned to go to market by end of October. But we can expect a competitive wallet-friendly price according the previous price policy of OUKITEL. More information about K5000 can be found on OUKITEL official website: