SanDisk released SanDisk Ultra SD card with 400GB

the highest capacity microSD card ever

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SanDisk Corporation today announced the SanDisk Ultra SD card with 400GB (SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC ™ UHS-I card with 400GB capacity) – the world’s largest capacity micro SD card.

The company, which is the world leader in flash storage solutions, presents this card only two and a half years after introducing the world’s first 200 GB microSD card – double the capacity keeping the same format physicist.


SanDisk Ultra SD card with 400GB
SanDisk Ultra SD card with 400GB


In order to cope with the increasing demand for more storage capacity by mobile users, the new card offers the freedom to capture, record and share photos, videos and other files, all without worrying about the space available.


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SanDisk has achieved this unprecedented capability by leveraging its proprietary technology, design, and production processes that enable more bits per unit of memory.

Ideal for smartphone and tablet users with built-in microSD card readers, this new card combines the world’s largest capacity with fast transfer speeds of up to 100MB / s  to deliver the ultimate performance. With this speed, consumers will be able to transfer up to 1,200 photos per minute. [4] In addition, the SanDisk Ultra microSD 400GB card adheres to the A1 performance specification, which means it can charge applications faster.

With the SanDisk Memory Zone app, even greater control of device memory usage is now possible.The app, available for free at the Google Play ™ store, is compatible with most Android devices and allows users to find, organize, transfer and back up files, including Facebook and Instagram content.


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