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OUKITEL K10000 MAX power consumption test

3 hours multi use only consumes 5%

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Oukitel K10000 Max is one of the most interesting devices of Oukitel. Which already has a very interesting catalog on Android. This device arrives for all lovers of nature, risk sports and outdoor. It also inherits one of the most important features of the Oukitel K10000 , its battery. This device is one of the hardest in the entire market, in addition to one of the most autonomous. Today we can see a video where the battery of this Oukitel K10000 Max is tested with a series of very hard processes for any mobile and especially for conventional batteries. This OUKITEL K10000 MAX power consumption test video show that 3 hours multi use only consumes 5%.


OUKITEL K10000 MAX power consumption test
OUKITEL K10000 MAX power consumption test

In addition to this device, Oukitel has a large number of devices on the market, such as the Oukitel K3, which can already be purchased in its presale. Now the company focuses on the toughest and most demanding users, launching a device that resists everything.


Thanks to the people of Oukitel we can know the behavior of the battery in real circumstances. The new Oukitel K10000 Max is not only very resistant. It also has a battery of 10,000 mAh to last several days without going through the charger.




Few devices in the market can have so much autonomy, and thanks to the following video we will see what the new Oukitel K1000 Max is capable of.



OUKITEL K10000 MAX power consumption test video




After watching the video, you are quite surprised. Since the battery of 10.000 mAh that incorporates only subtracts a 5% capacity and 3 hours making intensive use of the mobile. Every half hour has been changed state. Where we can see that you have been running a demanding game. Also Playing video, listening to music and calling over the 3G network. All this with the brightness of the screen to the maximum. Something that surely drains the battery of your terminal.


After all this, only 5% of the battery has been consumed. Which lets us know the degree of autonomy that this terminal has. Without a doubt it is one of the most recommended devices to spend a few days away from home and not have to worry about the charger.


The device will go on sale on September 12 at the official Oukitel store,  with a promotional price of 166 euros,which leaves us even more surprised.

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