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OUKITEL K3 fully quick charge in 2hours and 50 minutes

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Several weeks ago we met the Oukitel K3. It is one of the new devices of Oukitel. Which comes with a new design and very complete specifications. In addition, it follows the standard of the company to incorporate a large battery that can leave us several days of autonomy. Best of all is OUKITEL K3 fully quick charge in 2hours and 50 minutes.  It’s one of the better features of this device. Today we see it again. And we compare it with a high-end device that costs 5 times more. We are talking about the Sony Xperia XZ Premium , a terminal very similar in design, although belonging to the high range.


OUKITEL K3 fully quick charge in 2hours and 50 minutes
OUKITEL K3 fully quick charge in 2hours and 50 minutes


The devices are from different ranges. Although the XZ Premium is clearly above, it has many details that the Oukitel also includes . In design, although there are differences. Both have glass and rounded sides. Although the Oukitel terminal has the fingerprint sensor on the front and two cameras on the back.


A very complete terminal with a price well below the Sony


OUKITEL K3 fully quick charge in 2hours and 50 minutes


It is complicated to compare two devices from different ranges. In this case we see how different they are from each other. It can be said that if we like the Sony, but we do not have enough money to buy it, we can opt for the O3 KIT. In terms of design are similar, and although we are talking about a mid-range mobile, has a very premium finishes. 




Their specifications also change. Although the Sony processor is more powerful, both have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. So both will be well served in this regard. In the photographic section again we see differences. As expected, the Oukitel does not have the same quality as the XZ Premium. But does have two cameras in the back to play with the different modes, something that Sony can not do.


OUKITEL K3 fully quick charge in 2hours & 50 minutes video




Where we see a clear difference in favor of the Oukitel, is in the battery. The K3 has a cell of 6,000 mAh, which doubles the 3,000 that has the Sony terminal. This leaves us with 2 days of intense use. And more days if we do not make intensive use of the terminal. In general terms, they are two very different devices, but with the clear difference in price. Since the  You can buy now Oukitel K3 for about 116 euros , 5 times less the price of Sony Xperia XZ Premium in the market.