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Rugged Phone DOOGEE S60 got about 61000 points in ANTUTU Benchmark

How many points could a rugged phone get in ANTUTU Benchmark?

0 7,438

You must have seen lots of mobile phone manufacturers release they scores in ANTUTU Benchmark, and most of flagship smartphones get a good result. But when referring to rugged phone, how many points do you think it should be? Here comes a ANTUTU review from a new rugged phone from DOOGEE. Rugged Phone DOOGEE S60 got about 61000 points in ANTUTU Benchmark.


DOOGEE S60 got about 61000 points in ANTUTU
DOOGEE S60 got about 61000 points in ANTUTU


According to the information from DOOGEE S60 ( is powered by MTK P25 CPU, which is famous from balance between performance and power-saving, so S60 perform well in this running.



Compared to other rugged phone like Samsung X cover and Cat S60, DOOGEE S60 is obviously more excellent in term of hardware configuration. We check a Smartphone price comparison website kimovil which focus on find the right smartphone for customer. You can confirm this information directly from kimovil.



Octa-Core MTK CPU clock at 2.5GHz, 6 GB RAM +64GB Storage.  21MP Camera, 5580mAh battery, and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 covered on 5.2’’ FHD display was applied in this phone. But that’s not the most important thing.


There is no doubt that DOOGEE S60 is the most cost-effective rugged phone in the market with only $269.99 in AliExpress (


Furthermore, DOOGEE is not only a flagship rugged phone with high configuration. But also own a beautiful look. S60 come in three colors: Black, Silver, and Gold. We found a video from DOOGEE S60, which color do you like?



There is a torture test video of DOOGEE S60:







Unboxing review video of DOOGEE S60: