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Doogee BL5000 vs Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Two 5000mAh battery smartphone available, which one do you like more?

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Xiaomi and Doogee have recently leaked their new 5000mAh battery phones. Doogee BL5000 vs Xiaomi Mi Max 2, which one do you like more?


Xiaomi has made its second generation of massive battery model max 2 come to market last market, the 6.44” phablet boasts a 5300mAh battery volume. This phone is priced at around $250-$280 in online markets as a mid-end product. If you are looking for a more budget substitute, then DOOGEE BL5000 ( would be a good choice for you, with 5050mAh battery, 4GB+64GB inbuilt storage and half of mi max 2’s price, $139.99 now.


Here we will introduce the pros and cons of these two devices to give you some practical advice if you are in need of a long time endurance in smartphone.


Doogee BL5000 vs Xiaomi Mi Max 2
Doogee BL5000 vs Xiaomi Mi Max 2


The biggest advantage of Mi max 2 would be its size, a 6.44” phablet is useful no matter as a phone or a tablet. Speaking of CPU, the Snapdragon 625 is powerful and power-saving, and a popular choice of mid-end products. If you fancy the metal materiel in smartphone, no doubt Mi max 2 is your preference. If you are looking for something distinctive, the largely curved sides, glassy shining back cover of BL5000 may satisfy you. Except for black and blue models, the golden finish is an eye-catching design against other phones.


Doogee BL5000 design equation
Doogee BL5000 design equation


While in the other hand, DOOGEE BL5000 has some outstanding parts. It boasts a beautiful and comfortable 5.5” display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is a mainstream flagship spec nowadays and has a higher PPI of 404 than 342 PPI in Mi max 2. A high brightness of 650 nit also guarantee the outdoor performance. The increase in number of 12V-2A fast charge technology shows a quicker charging speed than the 9V-2A applied in Mi max 2.


There are one significant advantage of BL5000, it comes in 13.0MP dual camera, while Mi max 2 just has one single 12.0MP camera in the back. The dual camera technology is being proven reliable by many predecessors of DOOGEE products.



In other aspects, both of DOOGEE BL5000 and Mi max 2 sports 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The battery volume has no significant difference between 5050mAh and 5300mAh.


Battery test of Doogee BL5000:




Unboxing video of Doogee BL5000:



Doogee BL5000 vs Xiaomi Mi Max 2 online stores:


Now the two models are available in online markets like Aliexpress, Amazon. Mi max 2 is now available in India offline stores. BL5000 has launched  in Banggood ( at $139.99, a phone holder and VR glasses are bundled if you visit their website and join the launch event (